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Dents. Stained interiors. Broken windshields. Gouged tires. Damage is no match for our auto reconditioning specialists. Learn what we can do for you.
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We aren’t just auto specialists and service providers. We’re artists, recreating your vehicle to achieve its fullest aesthetic appeal.

At All-Pro Recon, like new is what we do. Our team of reconditioning specialists is driven by excellence, fueled by passion, and steered by providing you with the best service. We’re pioneers at what we do, and our top-notch technicians are trained to note the details and enhance and increase the road life of your vehicle. Reconditioning improves the cost-efficiency and total experience of your drive. Our full-service auto specialists repair and restore your vehicle to get it back in tip-top shape, regardless of its age or condition. 

Paint Repair


Chipped, scratched and damaged paint is more than an aesthetic issue. Your vehicle’s paint provides a coating for that prevents rust and damage to the underlying material. Protecting it against the elements with a solid coat of paint is crucial to avoid costly repairs from corrosion, and to improve the reliability of your entire vehicle. Our trained technicians provide the know-how and skills to perfectly match and repair compromised coatings so that your vehicle looks as good as new, and continues to serve you long into the future.

Wheel Repair


Your wheels take you far. But the miles of adventure you put on take their toll. Wheels and rims get bent out of shape, making them prone to blowouts or other damage. Ensuring that your wheels are at their peak performance is crucial to the well-being of your vehicle and your gas efficiency. Our certified technicians take scratches, gouges, and dents seriously, and will repair, refinish, restructure, or replace your wheels to ensure the best results for you and your drive.

Paintless Dent Repair


Dings and dents are unsightly, but they can also decrease your vehicle’s reliability and resale value. We’ll evaluate the damage to make sure it’s not creating a bigger, unseen problem below the surface, then get to work to restore your vehicle’s exterior to pre-dent condition. Our non-invasive, pressure-based PDR is an environmentally friendly way to eliminate future costly repairs from rusting and corrosion, without sand or fillers,

Interior Repair


Kids, cigarettes, spills and time all take their toll on your vehicle’s interior. But your vinyl, upholstery or leather surfaces shouldn’t be victims of circumstance, or devalue the vehicle in a future sale. From shampooing and scrubbing, to reapplying color in faded areas, our specialists repair and restore the toughest jobs so that it looks as good as it drives, and gets you top dollar if you choose to sell.

Glass Repair & Replacement


Chips, cracks and other damage from on-road debris affect the integrity of your windshield. Damage that is smaller than a half dollar can typically be repaired, but more extensive damage may require glass replacement. Our technicians will help you determine what’s best for your car, and get it properly fitted for a solution that sticks.

Headlight Restoration


Hazy headlights reduce light emissions, and, especially in bad weather, could cost you everything. Our technicians will clear away the film, yellowing and haze to improve your visibility of the road before you, and make your vehicle more visible to oncoming autos and pedestrians.



Wear, tear and damage doesn’t have to be displayed as a war scar from accidents or age. A clean, cared for exterior and interior improves the longevity of your vehicle, and makes for a more enjoyable drive. We use the finest detailing equipment to ensure that every inch of your vehicle, from ignition to outer coating is clean. By removing exterior buildup and grime, and giving your interior that new car feel (and smell), we’ll boost the efficiency of your vehicle and help you feel like the king or queen of the road.

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